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Meats Now Available

We are so excited to be able to announce shared deliveries & pickups with Woodland Farm NC! You can now order pork, seasonal lamb and beef from our friends at Woodland Farm to go with your order of veggies from us. Cut down on trips to different places, support local farmers and feel good knowing your food was raised with the kind of love and attention you can only get from a small farmer.

Woodland Farm is an absolutely wonderful farm located in Pittsboro. We met at the Moore Square Market, and my family has been pretty obsessed with their products ever since. My youngest makes sure we buy their breakfast links, and my mother-in-law from western NC says their pork tastes like the pork her grandpa used to raise.

It's so simple to order. Just head over to their website: Woodland Farm's Store 

Pick out exactly what you want from their easy-to-use webstore, choose the delivery/pickup option that matches the one you chose for your order with us, and that's it. 

Learn about Woodland Farm 

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How to reach us:

Office phone: 984-269-5001

We are always on the move, so email is best but if you do call, please leave a message!

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