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Like a lot of folks, 2020 forced us to stop and look deep. We realized farming was a way for us to combine all our dreams for family, work and community into one project that could sustain us all. And now, here we are, launching Zephyr Family Farm.

Every bit of the farm is run by us, Amanda & Steven. Our two youngest can be found on the farm with us, while our oldest offers support from her home up north. 






Steven's first farming experiences were on his grandparent's farm, where he'd follow them around soaking in the knowledge of maintaining and the cultivation of their favorite vegetables. Though during WW2, they moved for work and bought a farm in Hertford County NC, they still planted their traditional mountain favorites passing on the love of those veggies to Steven. Amanda's family always had things growing. From southern flowers planted in California to remind folks of home, to her paternal grandmother's garden that took up her entire back yard she was surrounded by plants. She remembers as a really young child being amazed by a snap pea fresh off the vine and eating plums straight from the tree until the grandparents were sure she'd be sick. And now we get to pass those type of experiences on to our kids

Today we both use growing and cooking to bring our family together, teach our kids about where they're from and to shape the future into something we want to see.


We're excited to share the produce we love with our community!

Rainbow Springs , Macon County NC

Food has always been an important part of our lives and relationships. Growing and cooking our own food is how we show our love and how we connect with our past. Steven's parents are the anchors of our family and his mom's Appalachian upbringing is centered in a lot of what we do. From the greasy beans we grow for leather britches, to the way we plant by the moon, it all comes from how her family farmed and what they liked to eat. 

House in Rainbow Springs Macon County NC. that my Great Grandparents, Grandparents, and my mother lived in.

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