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  • How do I buy produce?
    We are currently on selling produce at the Western Wake Farmers Market in Morrisville, Saturday from 8 to 12. We may be adding addition options and locations for our fall/winter season so sign up for our email to be alerted when things change.
  • Can I come visit/volunteer at the farm?
    We only have folks out to the farm by appointment. But we'd love to show you around and talk about what we're up to. Usually, we try to schedule visits during our pickup hours on Thursdays. We are not currently accepting volunteers. Our bathroom facilities are limited, and we're just not set up to handle that type of activity. Right now, there are several farms in the area that offer volunteer opportunities. Raleigh City Farm in Raleigh Catawba Trail Farm in Durham Interfaith Food Shuttle in Cary
  • Is pickup available?
    We are not currently offering pickups but that will likely change for the fall or winter season. Sign up for our emails to get all the latest changes.
  • What do you use for pesticides?
    We don't use them! Instead we use a combination of cultural practices amied at reducing pest pressure. We use bug netting, trap crops, companion planting and hand removal, but our most important defense against pests is to set up the conditions for healthy soil so our plants can grow strong and resist the pest pressures.
  • Why CNG?
    We believe that natural, sustainable agricultural practices are best. For Steven CNG means accountability, a way for customers to know exactly what standards are being met. For me it's about participating in the communities I want to see. CNG is a grassroots organization, based around farmers supporting each other.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    For online purchases we take all major credit cards and Apple Pay. Since all orders are processed online, we do not accept cash or checks. In person we accept cash or credit/debit cards.
  • How do you fertalize?
    We use a combination of mulch from our land, compost and fish emulsion. We also cover crop and rotate our crops, all of which helps build nutrients into the soil.
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