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2021 The Beginning

We signed our farm lease in May of 2021. The land was fallow and overrun with invasive grasses, sweet gum and blackberries. It had no electricity, irrigation, facilities, or storage. We took the rest of 2021 to get the land ready for growing in 2022. Each gallery represents a major project. It's pretty amazing to see what we accomplished! Click on each slideshow to see the full pictures.

Raw Land

First Steps: creating fields 

Our land was fallow but had been farmed previously. There were long, high rows that ran the length of the main acre. That wouldn't work for the design we had in mind (several fields with roughly 100 foot rows, and we wanted to amend the soil with as much organic matter as possible. So, we used the tractor to smoot out the existing rows and created pathways in between each field.

Necessary Equipment

We did not have any of the equipment needed to farm at this scale, or to transform the fields from fallow to productive.

Erosion/Flood Control

The water moving from above us washed through our fields, causing erosion and damaging the fields. We trenched to direct the water toward rain gardens which slow the flow as it moves toward the irrigation pond. Since doing this the water has stayed out of the fields


Our soil contained very little organic material, it was mostly clay and sand. Luckily there was aged mulch on the land, and we were able to move it into our fields.